What is the Lifestyle Lift?

You may have seen those television ads about the ‘Lifestyle Lift™’, showing amazing results from a procedure done in the office under local, often over the ‘’lunch hour”.  The Lifestyle Lift™ is a variation of a mini-facelift.  This is provided by surgeons of all specialty backgrounds that take their training class.  What is deceiving is they do not tell you all of the other add-on procedures the advertised patient had to achieve her remarkable and stunning results.  Mini-facelifts can be done in the office safely but my preference is to have it done in the operating room (yes, it does add costs to the overall procedure).  When considering facial rejuvenation, it is worth it to obtain a consultation with doctors you are interested in having your procedure with.  Options for addressing your concerns should be reviewed with you in-depth at that time.  In general, the more extensive a procedure, the more enduring your results.