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Terminating insurance contracts

We are in the process of returning to the old days of medicine and terminating our insurance contracts.  Blue Cross is done effective September 1 and Blue Shield will be ending in March of next year.  Medi-Care will be terminated at the end of this year.  Why are we doing this?  Because they are placing onerous rules on how I practice and if i don’t’ comply, they keep chipping away at the already poor reimbursement.  I will miss the breast reconstructions and coming through with the answers for horrendous wounds but I won’t miss dealing with the insurance companies the jumping through the hoops they require of its contracted providers.  We will have a cash fee should you wish to still have us involved in your care.

Bad internet reviews…

Recently saw a blistering review about the services provided by one of my ex-colleagues where he was the ‘butcher’ of Redding.  No responses or defense offered by that individual.  When it comes to social media, non-responses to such reviews suggest they are true.  And what is the rest of the world to think when they read that?  If you wish to view it yourself, email me and I will provide you the link