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Technique DOES matter

At the 2013 ASPS meeting in San Diego and just heard a presentation reviewing the likelihood of  developing capsular contractures… those notorious scars that shrink around your implant until its a solid,firm sphere.  Worst situation is  smooth round implant OVER the muscle and through a periareolar incision… about 20% risk for contractures.  Its 5% when you go through an inframammary  approach and UNDER the muscle.  So always ask your surgeon WHY he/she want to place your implant above the muscle if that is what they are recommending.  This reaffirms my preference and helps explain what I actually see in our community.

In addition, little differences in personal technique also make a difference.  When I was working in a group, one doctor had more complications then the other two combined.  Why is that?  Unless you strive to be the best, you will always languish in mediocrity.