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Some comments worthy of perpetuity

Postings on line that have shown up and seem to ‘come and go’:

BEWARE! He is an overpriced butcher! I am small (size 2) and athletic, and i only wanted to reverse the effects of having kids. I cant expres how mortified i was when i first saw my incisions, and i have had knee surgeries, 3 csections, etc. so incisions dont phase me. Ontop of not advising me on procedures that were best for my situation, Dr. Ball dropped the ball (no pun intended) at ever turn. I have no belly button, severly scarred, i am embarassed to be in any state of undress, and ive wasted a lifetime of saving (15k to be exact). I used to be able to blame the bikini bod on the kids, but now im just humiliated.Essentially from the moment I saw my incisions/results from my surgery I have been vocal about the results not meeting what we had discussed. His answer was always to let things heal, give it time, all of which I have done. I am now six months post operation, and at my most recent appointment (August 7, 2014) he claimed my results were near perfect and textbook. Yet, at this same appointment he said, “You don’t have much of a belly button”, and offered to help address that issue at yet another cost to me. I addressed the remaining excess skin/unevenness of my stomach and he offered to do liposuction at yet another cost to me if I was “striving for perfection”. I also addressed the continuing issue with my right breast having **** fluid accumulating on the incision site (almost cist like) , which I have been seen for and called about on numerous occasions, and his response is it might be a pocket from a knot and to give it time to heal. This specific problem not only has caused additional pain/tenderness, but has resulted in a quite a large and unattractive scar on my breast. His solution to fixing this was removing the scared area and reclosing, yet again at my expense. I have seen two well respected plastic surgeons since my surgery to assess my progress and my so called “text book results”, both of which were almost speechless as to what has happened in my case. In addition to my results, they seemed quite worried at the length of time I was kept me under anesthesia for the procedures performed. One of the surgeons was so upset with my results he even personally called Dr. Ball to highly recommend Dr. Ball give me a refund since corrective surgery is required. He did this not as my doctor, but as a highly concerned medical professional. What should have been a pretty simple procedure, has left me with issues I can only hope to improve. I will never get the chance again to completely start over and have the amazing results I should have had, he has essentially robbed me of this and he should feel ashamed. I am left with a deformed looking stomach, no trace of a belly button, my stomach is uneven and excess skin remains, and my breasts are badly scared.

And another:

I had a procedure done 10 years ago and what a terrible experience. Dr. Ball was cold and unfriendly. Never gave me any options and never did any follow up care afterwards. I was young and didn’t really do my research. Now I know better and would never ever refer anyone here. Terrible.

And there was another using similar terms…  This makes me know my decision to leave PSAR was a sound one.