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Revisions in Plastic Surgery

This should be an expectation whenever you have plastic surgery.  And it behooves you, the patient, to KNOW what your surgeon’s policy is regarding this.   A fair policy in my opinion, is one where the patient remains responsible for costs beyond the surgeon’s control such as the operating room and anesthesia.  If you find a better one, GREAT!  If you are expected to pay all costs, including surgeon’s fees, it just doesn’t sound right.  I would find another surgeon.

Speed kills….

We were always taught that when learning to drive.  Now I’ve seen it in other facets of medicine.  Is the fastest surgeon always the best?  From  my own experiences, the fastest surgeon often had the most complications, including bleeding and infections.  Yes, its great to be efficient and quick but when you rush, problems start to surface.  Plastic surgery requires meticulousness and attention to details, things that are lost when all you care about is how fast a surgeon you are.