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Botox and Its Side Effects

What is Botox

This is a cosmetic injection that is injected into body muscles in order to improve the looks. It moderates the severe frown lines which mostly occur between the eyebrows. However, the effects are said to be temporally for a short period.

Botox can be combined with a Facelift to help restore a youthful look.

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Botox Side Affects

Botox is a poison and should be used with care. It cannot be injected by untrained people at home or in the neighborhood beauty parlor. Moreover, Botox can cause spasms, muscle weakness, and prevent people from swallowing if the poison spreads to other areas. Wheezing, bleeding from the eye, and dizziness are possible reactions to a Botox injection. Those who undergo the treatment should familiarize themselves with all the symptoms and contact a doctor if any appear. The FDA has said that Botox has the potential to cause fatal complications though it has not occurred so far.

Botox can also make your face look stiff or appear to be made of plastic. Meg Ryan is a perfect example of someone who probably took too much Botox and when she smiles, her mouth may move a little but it does not appear natural. Botox can make your face appear to be stuck in one place.

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