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When to stop aspirin before surgery

There is a groundswell to allow certain patients to continue their aspirin if absolutely needed to prevent clotting of their stents or clots from forming in their hearts when having surgery.  A hematoma/bleed is much more manageable than suffering a stroke.  This will lead to some interesting discussions as to what risks a patient is willing to accept in order to have their elective surgery.

When taking pictures of patients

the photos should be limited to the area of concern only.  There are ethically challenged doctors who like to include faces with bodies and if you find your surgeon doing this, run away as there is no reason to have a face with your breasts or other parts of your body when you’re not having any face work.

Shaped textured implants…

A story out of England has someone reporting that 9 out of 10 cases of Anaplastic Large Cell Lyphoma have textured implants.  Thats much more concerning then the 3 in 500,000 number that the FDA provided us in 2011 when the unsubstantiated warning came out without any verification since.  I think I will need to temper the enthusiasm that shaped implants were bringing to our society.  More information is needed and where is the FDA when it comes to stuff like this?