Versatility of Injectables

Fillers and Botox have emerged as very effective way of temporarily creating desired improvements.  Here is a laundry list of what they can do for you.  Ask your doctor about it!  For the face, they can elevate your brows, diminish frown lines, fill frown lines, smoothen your forehead, prevent crow’s fee, fill crow’s feet, fill hollows under the eyes, fill in earlobe creases; plump up cheeks, lift a droopy nose or diminish a gummy smile, plump up lips, lift corners of mouth, fill creases and depressions, round out pointy chin or soften chin cleft, fix neck bands and fill a jowl line.  For the hands, revive the effects of aging on the dorsum of your hands and stop sweaty palms.  For the body, it can dry up armpits, fill dimples in the skin, and mildly boost your breasts.  For the legs, it can cushion soles and eliminate sweaty feet.  But remember, with fillers and Botox, your results are temporary.  Fat grafting can give you permanent results.