Lip Enhancement

Many techniques are available for ‘plumping’ your lips.  When there are a multitude of procedures available in cosmetic surgery, it usually translates to unpredictable techniques as it is with lip enhancement.  Everyone has seen the overdone filled lip that result from excessive dermal fillers.  Fortunately, these monstrous lips eventually subside.  Fat grafting has also been used but the results are not predictable as fat take in lips is less than 25%.  Surgical procedures done at the lip border or inside the mouth have also been done but with less than satisfying long-term results.  Finally lip implants made out of silicone can be placed for a ‘permanent’ result from one procedure that can be done in the office under local.  The costs of this procedure for both upper and lower lips does not exceed $2000 (equivalent to 4 vials of Restylane) and can be easily reversed if you are not satisfied or become uncomfortable with the implant.  Of all the techniques out there, lip augmentation with implants is the most predictable and permanent.