How do you know your doctor is qualified?

A patient of mine went to the metropolitan area for an implant procedure I do not do.   I’m sketchy on the details as to why she picked him, perhaps it was his website advertising his expertise in the procedure.  She went with him and unfortunately, developed complications that were poorly managed necessitating that she see a metro plastic surgeon who had to take the implant out.  She spent over $10K to have this put in and eventually taken out, leaving her with massive wounds to care for now.  She found out from her second surgeon that the original surgeon was not a plastic surgeon but instead a gynecologist, now ‘cosmetic surgeon’ who may even be using implants not approved for use in America.  Please do your background searches on your chosen doctors and look for red flags such as what board certification is held, what kind of training does she/he have, what continuing education is pursued, what is his/her experience and complication rate (but doctors are known to fudge on this), and whether the facility used is licensed and accredited.  Knowing this helps reduce your risks for a poor outcome as this patient has learned.