Choosing your Plastic Surgeon

Selecting your surgeon can be challenging at times, especially when there are so many to choose from.  First and foremost, you need a skilled surgeon and this can be confirmed through talking to patients and friends who have firsthand knowledge of outcomes and the hospital staff that have to work with him/her.  You need to like your surgeon and feel a special bond with and this is achieved through face to face consultation.  A good doctor will treat you with respect and also value your time.  Your doctor should have a clear revision policy so you know what may happen should your results require tweaking to achieve the best outcome.  The doctor’s staff should be friendly, accommodating and accessible to you should you have any questions or concerns.  Even better, you have direct access to your doctor where texts can be exchanged if needed.  Then there are the intangibles such as the doctor’s complication rate, timely response to your calls, and efficiency in completing any necessary paperwork like disability forms and excuses from work.  Do your homework and you should have a wonderful experience.