Brow Lifts

There are at least 3 distinct methods of elevating your drooping brows.  You can achieve this through the traditional coronal lift, the high tech endoscopic lift and the simple subcutaneous browlift.  In the best of hands, the endoscopic browlift was noted to have a relapse rate of 25% or more.  The coronal life leaves a scar going across your scalp from ear to ear as well as the risk for permanent numbness to your scalp behind the scar.  The subcutaneous browlift admittedly has a high relapse rate but it is the only lift that can be done under local anesthesia in the office setting.  With a good revision policy, this puts you at minimal financial risk.  The scar is hidden along the hairline and has healed quite well.   Because of this, the subcutaneous lift is my lift of choice.  Ultimately, my patients choose what is best for them after considering the risks and benefits of each technique.