Body Contouring

There are many techniques and technologies available for contouring your body.  The gold standard remains traditional liposuction using the tumescent technique.  Many technologies have come and go and some variations of traditional liposuction have persisted such as power-assisted liposuction, water jet liposuction, ultrasonic liposuction and laser liposuction (better known as Smart Lipo).  These all work but the gold standard remains traditional liposuction.  Non-invasive methods of contouring such as Cellulaze and Endermologie claim remarkable results but the test of time has not been encouraging as these technologies produce temporary and subtle results that require repeated treatments (and costs) to simply maintain a subtle improvement.  A clear revision policy should be understood before embarking on a costly series of non-invasive technologies or you should at least have a very clear understanding of just what results you should expect.