Beauty Myths Exposed

The following was obtained from New Beauty magazine:

1) You do not need to use sunscreen every time you’re exposed to the sun – FALSE  [experts agree that you should always apply sunscreen when exposed to the sun – I personally have not yet been able to do this myself]

2) If dermal fillers are not repeated, your tissue will deflate once the fillers wear off – FALSE  [your tissue will revert back to the pre-filled stage and will continue to age, though some studies suggest stimulation of collagen from repeated injections]

3) Baldness is inherited from the maternal grandfather – FALSE  [though long held thought, there are other conditions that contribute to hair loss beside genetics alone]

4) Acne scars and pock marks fade with time – FALSE  [they do not but fractional laser resurfacing as well as dermal fillers show promise in helping diminish the scar]

5) The nose is always broken during rhinoplasty – FALSE  [the underlying structures are altered to achieve the goals, sometimes requiring fracturing of the nasal bones]

6) Liposuction removes cellulite – FALSE  [cellulite is caused from fibrous structures in the skin and liposuction alone does not do anything for that]

7) There is a ‘best’ doctor for specific procedures – FALSE  [though some doctors specialize in only one procedure, it does not make them the best – research your doctors credentials and results and you can find great surgeons in your own neighborhood]

8) Spider veins and varicose veins are caused by crossing your legs – FALSE  [where do they get this stuff from?]

9) Skin becomes ‘addicted’ to treatments like moisturizer and lip balm so that the more you use them, the more you will need them – FALSE  [the natural aging of skin may make it seem like you need more products but that is from the natural aging process alone]

10) Older women shouldn’t have longer hair – FALSE  [I love long hair and experts agree that older women can wear it well too]